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About Remedy Bank

Remedy Bank is to evolve in an exhaustive collection of certified homeopathic raw and starting materials for the preparation of homeopathic medicines.

What is understood by “homeopathic starting materials” ?

Starting materials are used to produce the first homeopathic liquid potency or trituration. The European Pharmacopoeia as well as the European Directive 2001/83/EC, as amended, use the word “stock” for a starting material. It are synonyms.
These can be:

  • chemical or mineral materials or mixtures thereoff (Natrium muriaticum, Petroleum, Chininum, …)
  • mother tinctures from plants or animals (Arnica montana, Pulsatilla pratensis, Apis mellifica, …)
  • mother tinctures from secretions or poisons of plants, animals, humans (Opium, Sepia, Lac humanum, Lachesis, …)
  • mother tinctures from animal and other biological materials such as tissues or secretions including pathogens such as nosodes (Tuberculinum, Scirrhinum, ..)

What is understood by “raw materials” ?

A large part of the raw material (mostly minerals and chemicals like for instance Aurum, Acidum nitricum, etc.) are used directly for initiating the potentizing process. 

This means that they are not processed or modified anymore at REMEDY BANK before packing and delivery (except e.g. milling/sieving when required) . In such case the raw material as such qualifies as starting material or stock.

In the case of mother tinctures, the tinctures are made from the original biological material. This original material is called the “raw material”, the tincture is the “starting material” or stock.

Why is a Remedy Bank needed?

Since a number of years and for a series of understandable reasons the availability of certified stocks for industrial and individualized preparation has decreased drastically. Most of the stocks, when available, come without CoA or other quality documents. This documentation is needed before the substance can be used in preparation.

Remedy Bank tackles this problem and ensures the preservation and availability of original classic homeopathic medicines.




Remedy Bank