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pdfGMP Certificaat: NL/H17/10144712.4 MB 

pdfGDP Certificaat: NL/G17/10144711.6 MB 

The Remedy Bank is registered as a manufacturer for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) by the Dutch Health authorities.
The document with all registered API's can be downloaded in the following hyperlink:

English: Registration as a manufacturer and wholesaler of active ingrediants for use as raw materials in medicinal products human consumption.

pdfAPI-registration-2015-HQ-ENG.pdf3.51 MB 

Dutch: Registratie van fabrikant en groothandelaar van werkzame stoffen voor gebruik als grondstoffen in geneesmiddelen voor menselijk gebruik.

pdfCIBG-VWS-Registratie-API-fabrikant-feb-2016.pdf4.31 MB


The botanical garden for the supply of the herbal material to the Remedy Bank has a GAP accreditation know as SKAL certificate:

English version:

pdfBio-certificaat-2016-2017-Hortus-Alkmaar-EN.pdf96.62 KB

Dutch version:

pdfBio-certificaat-2016-2017-Hortus-Alkmaar-NL.pdf95.49 KB


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