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What else can Remedy Bank do?

In the context of current scientific and technological knowledge, Remedy Bank will develop other tasks.


Besides the certificate of analysis, Remedy Bank will also provide other documents that can state the identity, quality, shelf life and stability of the product.

Shelf life

Shelf life of most homeopathic stocks is generally assumed to be 5 years, unless other details are available. This durability concerns only the pharmaceutical quality of the stock in its original packaging. This is not the period during which the medicinal product maintains it’s therapeutic qualities for the patient! The period may be longer but it is not determined by the pharmaceutical stability of the raw material.

Certificate of analysis (CoA)

Remedy Bank can, if required, control and certify the identity and quality of raw materials/stocks obtained from third parties and provide the results in a certificate of analysis (CoA).

Scientific research

In the long run Remedy Bank wishes to play an active role in the determination and guarantee of the safety of homeopathic stocks. For this reason we want to collect the necessary data through a scientific research project within the context of the procedure  “First Safe Dilution” as developed by the pharmaceutical control authorities.

Online software

Remedy Bank wishes to make online software available, under certain conditions, in order to facilitate the management of homeopathic preparation laboratories in the officina.

For example:

  • Online management of the dilution stock
  • RB substances are simultaneously automatically followed in terms of tenability, analytical documents and batch numbers
  • Online composition en printing of labels for the dilution stock
  • Consultation of databases on homeopathic raw materials.

Trainings and knowledge

Long term, Remedy Bank wishes to organize trainings on knowledge of raw materials, their application and their processing into homeopathic medicines.


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