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What makes Remedy Bank unique?

Remedy Bank has a cooperative structure

Anyone can become shareholder of Remedy Bank. Clinets (buyers) have interests of holding shares of there own supply.

The diversity of these shareholders (pharmacies, doctors, license holders, patients) prevents the emergence of a monopoly which in turn guarantees the independence of Remedy Bank. The leadership of the cooperative is exclusively in the hands of pharmacists.

Own infrastructure

Remedy Bank has its own infrastructure for the production of raw materials and is therefore less dependent from other sources within the homeopathic industry. This independence guarantees de support of pharmacy-preparers and laboratories that are unable or not sufficiently able to produce their own raw materials.

Unique quality assurance system

In addition, Remedy Bank has developed a unique quality assurance system that enables the full documentation of raw materials.

  • All raw materials are delivered in accordance with current scientific knowledge together with the necessary analyses and other certificates.
  • These are 100% traceable in accordance with the European Directives for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Web-based sales system

Through it web-based sales system, Remedy Bank has worldwide reach.

Everyone with the necessary qualifications to process homeopathic raw materials into medicines can call upon the certified collection of raw materials in order to prepare homeopathic remedies that are of the highest quality and which can be reproduced.

Shareholders have access to special conditions as buyer. The prescribers-shareholders have free access to all the quality documents of the raw materials of the prescribed medicines.


Remedy Bank