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Why do I need a USER NAME?

Your user name is required to visit the basic information about Remedy Bank. By adding your password your User Name becomes personalized.  Once you register you User Name and password, you will get an access confirmation in return by e-mail.In this way Remedy Bank is able to keep track of all their visitors.

Forgot User Name and/or password? Please consult the login page.
If a user name was not used after a long time, it is possible that it has been deleted.


How can I use the WEBSHOP?

For using the Webshop, one must register as a Buyer (see Buyer). At this moment the Webshop is not activated yet, because the first products are still in quality control stadium.

When registered as a Buyer, you will automatically be notified about the opening of the Webshop.



Remedy Bank produces raw and starting materials for homeopathic applications only. All other applications like (amongst others) phytotherapy, allopathy, natural healing, food, or herbal medicine are out of scope.

Please do not contact us for such applications, we won't be able to help. Please check here if your application is homeopathic; if your application does not follow one of the mentioned methods, the answer to your questions cannot be found on this web site.

Download Method 1038.pdf

Download Method 2371.pdf

If your request about a substance enters into the scope of prescriptions 1038 or 2371 of the European pharmacopoeia, please check the target list first.When the substance is mentioned on the target list, please check if the substance is already available on the Webshop. When not available, please send a message.


What kind of products are available for a BUYER?

Raw and starting materials that qualify with the legal requirements for use in homeopathic preparations will become available in our Webshop as soon as they have passed all quality tests.

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is included with all starting materials.

Some documents can be bought when available, like Harvest Certificate or Stability Report. Please check the catalogue on the webshop.

REMEDY BANK  products are not registered as medicinal substance or drug. REMEDY BANK products therefore are strictly forbidden to be handed over as such to patients.  


Can I visit the REMEDY BANK company?

Registered users, buyers and shareholders are welcome to visit our production site and production garden after making an appointment. Visits can be organized depending on the actual workload and the actual season.
Please mention any of your special interests and number of visitors including their age. Because of practical and safety reasons children under 16 are not allowed unless the visit is initiated by Remedy Bank itself.
Please use our contact form if you want to apply for a visit.


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