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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. I take full responsibility for the purchase, payment,  application, storage and disposal of all purchased products and information from Remedy Bank; I am informed about all legal and ethical directives, also without any specific warning by Remedy Bank about every item that I purchase from Remedy Bank, and I will handle and use the items accordingly.

2. Unless acting  as a distributer I will never use any raw or starting materials purchased with Remedy Bank for direct delivery as such to another person, organisation or company.

3. When acting as a distributor, I take full responsibility for the distribution, pharmaceutical application, storage and disposal of all purchased items at Remedy Bank; I declare to be legally autorised to act as a distributor for homeopathic raw and starting materials and to comply with the Guidelines of 5 November 2013 on Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human use Text with EEA relevance (EUR-Lex)

4. I have read carefully and accept the latest version of all Terms & Conditions of sale of Remedy Bank. I accept that Remedy Bank can never be held responsible for the transport, application, storage and disposal of any of it’s products after delivery to the transporter.

5. I am aware and I accept that paid products can never, not even when defect, missing, damaged or destroyed, be refunded or returned unless in case of recall of a specific product or batch of products by Remedy Bank. I will always keep trace of all products bought with Remedy Bank.

6. Remedy Bank’s decision for accepting me as a Buyer is final and cannot be discussed. From this, I am aware that the supplied information should be as complete and as traceable as possible.  Shareholdership does not automatically authorizes me as a Buyer.

7. A payment of any invoice corresponding to an order made to Remedy Bank is taken as an irrevocable confirmation of the order and an acceptance the paid invoice; such payment is irreversibly acquired by Remedy Bank, unless it can be shown by the debtor that the dispatch of the paid goods was not carried out within a reasonable period of time after his/her payment. A reasonable period is defined to be: four times the foreseen delivery period expressed in weeks.


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